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Day 248: Becky and Steve

This weekend two good friends are getting married. Becky and Steve are rare individuals who inspire me to lead my life to its fullest. They care…and not just about themselves or where to find the best vegetarian food in town, but they care about people they’ve never met, they care about the planet we’re stewarding for future generations and they care about their friends and family. I have to share too that Steve even works for an organization called CARE! It’s very fitting.

Anyway, tomorrow should be an amazing evening.

Day 248

Dear Becky and Steve, 

You’ve been asking about your letter – well here it is! I’ve waited until today, the eve of your wedding, to write to you.

For some reason people, and I include myself here, feel compelled to give advice to those who are getting married. Ironic that I feel this compulsion given the fact that I have never been married.

A few years ago, while browsing through an airport bookstore, I bought a book for my father. It’s called 30 Lessons for Living. It was written by Karl Pillemer, a professor at Cornell. He spent five years interviewing older Americans, aged 70-102, about the tried and true advice on life from our wisest members of our community.

Me, Becky and Steve. By the way, that's a vegan meal I bought at a food truck and proudly displayed. Steve and Becky inspired me to give up meat for the past four months.

Me, Becky and Steve at a concert Friday night. By the way, that’s a vegan meal I bought at a food truck and proudly displayed. Steve and Becky inspired me to give up meat for the past four months.

As I stated, I bought it for my Dad – he seemed to be struggling to find purpose and happiness after my mother died. But after reading it, I decided not to give it to him. I don’t know why – I guess I thought it was mostly for younger people, especially younger married couples. I decided to tuck the book away and save it for a special couple who lived their lives with intention and worked hard at being their highest self.

This book is for you – the advice contained within the pages of the book is based on the wisdom of those with far greater experience in life than me.

Congratulations on your marriage. You are both beautiful, thoughtful and generous. I enjoy the time we share together and value our friendship. Being a part of your lives and your wedding has great meaning for me.

Best wishes for tomorrow and every day after.

P.S. I’m working on a special wedding gift for you!

Day 162: Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos

Photo: Forbes

Photo: Forbes

If you haven’t heard of Theranos, just wait. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be hearing quite a lot from this company in future. Elizabeth Holmes is their CEO and she is trying to transform the way blood diagnostic testing is done in the United States. Theranos is the Uber of the blood diagnostic industry.

Holmes is an interesting woman. I don’t know her, but her story caught my attention. It goes back to when she was nine years old. Her father was moving the family from Washington, DC to Houston, Texas and Holmes wrote him a letter. You can see part of it here from a screen shot I took from the CBS story on her.

Photo: CBS

Photo: CBS

The letter starts out, “Dear Daddy, What I really want out of life is to discover something new, something that mankind didn’t know was possible to do.” Now twenty-two years later, Holmes is realizing her dreams. Pretty cool. Oh, and by the way, she’s the youngest female self-made billionaire. Not too shabby.

Day 162

Dear Elizabeth,

I recently saw a story on CBS about you and Theranos. I don’t like to get my blood taken – especially if it requires several large tubes. I always request to lie down. One time I fainted after the lab technician, who was obviously training, asked for someone to come and check that she was doing everything right. Ironically she was mad at me for passing out and scaring her!

What moved me to write to you was the handwritten letter you sent your father when you were nine. The curiosity and sense of sense of adventure in your words are inspiring. What did I tell my parents I wanted to do when I was nine? Probably play centerfield for the New York Mets (and I don’t play professional baseball in case you were wondering.) That’s ok though – what matters is making a difference in the lives of others. You are doing just that.

Congratulations and best of luck to you.