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Day 248: Becky and Steve

This weekend two good friends are getting married. Becky and Steve are rare individuals who inspire me to lead my life to its fullest. They care…and not just about themselves or where to find the best vegetarian food in town, but they care about people they’ve never met, they care about the planet we’re stewarding for future generations and they care about their friends and family. I have to share too that Steve even works for an organization called CARE! It’s very fitting.

Anyway, tomorrow should be an amazing evening.

Day 248

Dear Becky and Steve, 

You’ve been asking about your letter – well here it is! I’ve waited until today, the eve of your wedding, to write to you.

For some reason people, and I include myself here, feel compelled to give advice to those who are getting married. Ironic that I feel this compulsion given the fact that I have never been married.

A few years ago, while browsing through an airport bookstore, I bought a book for my father. It’s called 30 Lessons for Living. It was written by Karl Pillemer, a professor at Cornell. He spent five years interviewing older Americans, aged 70-102, about the tried and true advice on life from our wisest members of our community.

Me, Becky and Steve. By the way, that's a vegan meal I bought at a food truck and proudly displayed. Steve and Becky inspired me to give up meat for the past four months.

Me, Becky and Steve at a concert Friday night. By the way, that’s a vegan meal I bought at a food truck and proudly displayed. Steve and Becky inspired me to give up meat for the past four months.

As I stated, I bought it for my Dad – he seemed to be struggling to find purpose and happiness after my mother died. But after reading it, I decided not to give it to him. I don’t know why – I guess I thought it was mostly for younger people, especially younger married couples. I decided to tuck the book away and save it for a special couple who lived their lives with intention and worked hard at being their highest self.

This book is for you – the advice contained within the pages of the book is based on the wisdom of those with far greater experience in life than me.

Congratulations on your marriage. You are both beautiful, thoughtful and generous. I enjoy the time we share together and value our friendship. Being a part of your lives and your wedding has great meaning for me.

Best wishes for tomorrow and every day after.

P.S. I’m working on a special wedding gift for you!

Day 223: Thom and Tressa

A happier note today – it’s the 8th anniversary of two of my best friends: Thom and Tressa. And if I truly was a good friend I wouldn’t write Thom’s name wrong on the card! I’ve screwed that up for years….I just instinctively write Tom. The thing about good friends is that they don’t give a shit about stuff like that.

Day 223

Tom & Tressa,

I looked up what traditional gifts are for 8th anniversaries and it said pottery/bronze. I can’t imagine what pottery item or bronze statue I’d get you so you’ll have to settle for this card. Your wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun – I’m still honored today to have been a part of your special day. Happy Anniversary!

I love you guys,

Day 5: A.R. and Aimee

A.R. and Aimee are good friends of mine. Aimee and I go way back to seventh grade French class.

They were married in October of 2013 and I had the honor of officiating their wedding. Maybe it was the shots of Fireball that A.R. provided or perhaps I was just really nervous to preside over a marriage when I myself, who have never been married, obviously don’t know a lot about what it means to be married, but I realized a few months ago that I may not have given them a gift. And when I say gift, I mean a check, because so often I don’t really know what to give couples, but money seems to always be appreciated.

Anyway, I checked some things and it seems I really didn’t give them a gift at the time…or if I did, I don’t have any recollection of it. So, here you go…better late than never.




Dear A.R. and Aimee,

Happy New Year to you both!

A few months ago I was reviewing my 2013 taxes and finances and realized I don’t think I ever gave you a wedding gift?! I thought I remembered putting a card in the box that was set up on your wedding day, but I don’t see any cancelled check on my bank statements and I don’t think I would have just put cash in an envelope, so here is your belated wedding present.

I know proper etiquette says that this is too late, but that’s a load of crap. It’s worse to never give the gift than to give it late.

Miss you guys and hope to see you soon,


 Jason?! Who’s Jason? Don’t worry, I’m not outsourcing this. Jason is my first name, but most people call me by Reed – my middle name.