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Day 125: Anonymous letter left at Washington, D.C. Trader Joe’s

I placed the letter under a package of the sinfully delicious TJ's ice cream sandwiches.

I placed the letter under a package of the sinfully delicious TJ’s ice cream sandwiches.

Trader Joe’s is a strange but wonderful grocery store. On one hand, I get frustrated with them due to their limited selection. But just when I’m starting to take my business elsewhere I find some really awesome product. Or one of their quirky employees will make my day. I think that’s really what wins me over, the people. They actually seem happy there.

I left an anonymous letter with a five dollar bill at the Trader Joe’s in the West End neighborhood of DC today. I placed it under a box of Trader Joe’s Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches. They are amazing and a crew member there once told me that they saved her marriage on more than one occasion. Ok, so that might be a stretch, but I figured if they could bring some happiness to someone, I’d like to make that happen.

By the way, if you’re a fan of TJ’s, check out my letter on Day 31 to Trader Joe’s CEO Dan Bane.

Day 125

Hey there!

I see you are checking out the Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches. They’re delicious and appropriately named. I bought them the first time on a recommendation from a TJ’s team member who said that they had saved her marriage – more than once! They’re on me today. Enjoy.


Day 31: Dan Bane, Trader Joe’s

The staff at Trader Joe’s is so cheerful and friendly a trip to TJ’s is like free therapy! Well, not free if you buy some of their delicious food. Every business could learn something from how they engage their customers.

Trader Joes

Dear Mr. Bane,

I wanted to send you a letter to tell you that I think Trader Joe’s creates one of the most enjoyable employee-customer experiences of any large-scale retailer. I frequent my local TJ’s – 1101 25th Street in Northwest Washington, DC – often and everyone there is exceptionally pleasant. And while I know your stores are known for this, my local TJ’s does an outstanding job and I wanted you to know.

Crew members are delighted to help find items or make a product suggestion. I once bought the Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches because an employee told me that they saved her marriage – three times! She might need a little time off by the way. I’m not married, but if I were I would add them to my regular shopping list to keep the relationship strong!

 Keep up the good work. If you ever come to DC – stop in my neighborhood TJ’s and congratulate your team here.

Best regards,
Reed Sandridge