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Day 70: Leigh Anne & Sean Tuohy

TuohyBookMost people are familiar with the film The Blind Side – the movie based on Michael Lewis’ book about NFL football tackle Michael Oher and his journey to professional football. Part of that story is him being adopted by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy who live in Memphis, TN.

In 2010 Leigh Anne and Sean wrote their own book In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving. One day my brother called me and said that his mother-in-law had mentioned that I was mentioned in the book. I got a copy and sure enough I’m mentioned in regards to my Year of Giving project. Pretty cool.

I’ve always meant to thank them – so here goes. By the way, I just read this week that Oher signed a $2.5 million deal with the Carolina Panthers. I hope he has a great season for them – they could sure use a good blocker on their offensive line.

Day 70

Dear Leigh Anne and Sean,

For several years I’ve meant to send you a note to thank you for your thoughtful mention of my Year of Giving project in your book In a Heartbeat. It was a pleasant surprise to come across.

Your personal story is inspiring and I’m looking forward to reading your forthcoming book. 

All the best to you and thank you for everything you do for your community and for others.


PS. I recall that you own some Taco Bells – I sure hope that you’re offering the Sriracha Quesarito down there!

Day 33: Chef Janny, Bistro Blanc

Wow…what a crazy end to the Super Bowl last night – I still can’t believe it.

Photo: Newsweek.com

Photo: Newsweek.com

Photo: Jen Rynda

Photo: Jen Rynda

Today’s handwritten letter recipient and Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady have something in common. They’re all about texture. When questioned about Deflategate, Brady said that it was all about the texture of the footballs.

Chef Janny Kim of Bistro Blanc in Glenelg, MD agrees, “I’m all about texture.” He was referring to food though, not footballs. The 28-year-old self-taught chef is delighting customers at this Howard County hidden gem. I was with a group of friends at the Chef’s Table that featured a 10 course mouth-watering menu.

Pillows of RIce: fermented sesame leaf, roasted peanut curry, toasted peanut and micro shiso

Pillows of Rice: fermented sesame leaf, roasted peanut curry, toasted peanut and micro shiso

The aerated celery soup, the grouper, suckling pig, the 29 day dry-aged ribeye and spicy dark chocolate ganache were my favorites, but they were all very good. I’ve never written a chef to tell them that I enjoyed there food – but why not?

I even found a postage stamp that featured Edna Lewis – famed James Beard awarded chef known for her southern style culinary creations.


Chef Janny,

Suckling Pig with nuoc mam pickled vegetables and leek emulsion

Suckling Pig with nuoc mam pickled vegetables and leek emulsion

I had the distinct pleasure of dining at your Chef’s Table Saturday evening. I live in downtown Washington, DC and have dined in wonderful restaurants here as well as in New York, Chicago, Lima, Sao Paulo, Paris, Madrid, Florence, London, etc. The food that you created for us was worthy of the coveted Michelin stars. Your intense flavors, complimenting textures and stunning presentation are a clear result of your passion and commitment to culinary excellence.

Thank you, it was outstanding!
Reed Sandridge


Day 21: Cade

Cade Pope's letter to the Carolina Panthers with owner Jerry Richardson's response below. Image courtesy of The Washington Post.

Cade Pope’s letter to the Carolina Panthers with owner Jerry Richardson’s response below. Image courtesy of The Washington Post.

Did you catch my post on Sunday about the 12-year-old from Yukon, Oklahoma who made the news with his handwritten letters to all 32 NFL teams? If not, take a moment to read the story, it’s inspiring. I got to thinking this week, I ought to write young Cade a handwritten letter to tell him how cool I think it was that he wrote each team – and he wrote them all by hand. It would have been so much easier to write the letter once and do a mail merge and send it out.


Dear Cade,

I’m a big fan of handwritten letters and I love that you took the time to write all 32 NFL teams. You’re awesome! It just goes to show you that you never know who might write you back if you send them a letter – especially a handwritten letter.

YoL-7-2I can’t join you as a fan of the Panthers (I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan), but I am your number one fan!

Keep writing letters,
Reed Sandridge